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How’s Your English?

Are you a non-native English speaker? If so, have you considered how your level of English will affect your studies of the Arabic language? Here are a number of reasons why your proficiency in English will affect your Arabic studies: A good portion of your classmates at Kelsey may be native English speakers, so communicating […]

Finish 1st Level over the Summer!!!

Entire first level Kelsey curriculum offered Speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation May 20 – August 7 Afternoons during the first week, then 8:30 – 12:45 Monday-Thursday during May and June Monday-Thursday and Saturday during July and August Cost: 850 JD. Discount of 50 JD given for early registration ~ i.e. if 100JD non-refundable deposit is paid […]

Kelsey Summer Course!!!

Kelsey Arabic Program-June – 4 days a week – – Monday to Thursday – – 8:30-11:00AM – -up to five levels offered- Start your day with an Arabic boost. An option for new residents, visitors, current students, people wanting to catch up in language, take a refresher course, or anyone. Courses focus on spoken, conversational […]

Come study with us outside Amman!!!

Starting in the Spring of 2013 we will be offering our courses in the rural town of Mafraq, 80km north of Amman. Mafraq is located only 10km south of the Syrian border and is Jordan’s largest city on the way to Iraq in the East. Mafraq is an ideal location for both volunteering and studying […]

Two Full Years?

“It doesn’t really take two full years to learn Arabic, does it? How long did it take you to get fluent?” “My dad got fluent in French in like 10 months… so is Arabic gonna take longer than that?!?!” “I only get to study at KAP for 2 or 3 semesters at the most. Is […]

Do I need to take the Arabic ACTFL?

First of all, do you really know what the ACTFL is? Well…it’s an acronym, right? So, ACTFL stands for “American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages”. Basically it’s a standardized way to assess your oral or written proficiency in a foreign language. The ACTFL is offered for dozens of languages around the world, and there are certified testers […]

MSA or Amiyya?

So which Arabic is the right Arabic to study? MSA or Amiyya? Today MSA is the most widely taught form of Arabic in the world…yet it is rarely used in real conversations with Arabs. At the same time, Amiyya in its various forms is used primarily in verbal communication…yet is it enough to learn by […]

Have you considered teaching experience?

With so many Arabic schools in Amman, how can you decide where to study? Looking at the options you might notice that some schools want you to focus on their facilities, saying that your personal comfort will definitely impact your ability to learn Arabic. But you want to learn a language, right? So are cushy […]

Spring Semester 2012 is underway

Our new and returning students are off to a good start this Spring, even despite the COOOOLD weather and frequent rain. We trust that this semster they will continue to grow in both their cultural and language acquisition. Enrollment is closed for this term, but if you want to join us as a student soon, […]

Fall and Spring opportunities in Madaba

The Kelsey Arabic Program will offer courses this Fall in the traditional Arab setting of Madaba, Jordan, a small city  40 km from Amman.  It is possible to finish an entire Kelsey term there Fal Semesters Courses for Fall 2012 Classes Begin:  September 10 Classes End:  December 20 Class Days/Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:30-11:45 AM Tuition price for registering with […]

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