Fall and Spring opportunities in Madaba

The Kelsey Arabic Program will offer courses this Fall in the traditional Arab setting of Madaba, Jordan, a small city  40 km from Amman.  It is possible to finish an entire Kelsey term there Fal Semesters

Courses for Fall 2012

Classes Begin:  September 10

Classes End:  December 20

Class Days/Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:30-11:45 AM

Tuition price for registering with the Madaba branch is 525 JD (around $750 US)

Levels: The first three levels of Kelsey are being offered this Fall.

The city of Madaba, which hosts Palestinian refugees and Bedouin tribes from across the Madaba plateau and al-Kerak (Biblical Moab), offers an ideal location for studying Arabic as its rural context provides visitors with a unique opportunity to observe, appreciate and understand traditional Jordanian culture.  Tuition price will be 525 Jordanian Dinar (US $750).

In addition to studying Arabic, there are also several opportunities to volunteer in Madaba’s community.  The most prominent of these opportunities is within the Nazarene Church, which invites native speakers of English to come and teach English for a year-long commitment.  For those who choose to pursue this option of teaching English for a year, it is possible (based upon availability and scheduling) to finish three levels of the Kelsey program while residing in Madaba. For more information on the Kelsey classes and accompanying volunteer opportunities in Madaba, please contact Matthew at madabafacilitator.kelsey@gmail.com

Updated: January 5, 2015 — 8:35 am