Getting Here

When To Arrive

We strongly recommend that each student schedule his or her arrival between 2 weeks to two months before the term begins.  This is for the purpose of finding appropriate housing and getting settled before beginning classes.

Transportation from the Airport

There are several ways to get to Amman, which is about 35 kilometers from the Queen Alia Airport.  Airport taxis (creme-colored cars parked outside the arrivals terminal) have a fixed price (20-25 dinars to Amman) and should offer you a receipt (if requested before leaving). You will need to know where you are going in the city so that you can give that information to the taxi driver.

A city bus service by Sariyah Express is also available for transport from the airport to the North Bus Station in the neighborhood of Tabarbour, Amman. Alternatively, you can also request (before boarding) to be dropped off at the Seventh Circle. The bus costs 3-4 dinars per person.  Once you arrive at the bus station (or Seventh Circle), you will have to get a yellow city taxi to take you to your destination. You may also get dropped off at the Seventh Circle with baggage in the hold, or anywhere along its route if you happen to be coming with just hand baggage.

Anyone may request to be picked up at the airport for a fee of 40 JOD.

Please email the program office for further details at least two weeks before arrival for further details. If there are many requests and not all can be met, priority will be given to women traveling alone and to travelers with little international experience.


Usually customs are not a problem, but it is better to avoid packing large quantities of one item together (i.e. medicines, vitamins, toys). Also, one should pack electronic devices such as tablets, notebooks or laptops in such a way that you can easily find them for customs officials without undoing your luggage.

Visas (Note that visa rules are unpredictable and subject to change)

For US, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand passport holders:  We recommend that you obtain a visa from the airport when you arrive here. The cost of a visa at the airport is 40 Jordanian dinars per passport holder. Alternatively, you may seek to obtain a multiple-entry tourist visa for Jordan from the Jordanian embassy located within your country of passport. On the visa application under “Purpose of Visit” write “visit and study.” Most likely they will grant the visa for three months starting from the date of issuance, so be aware of the timing.

Once you have obtained your visa the customs official will then stamp your passport with “Report to the nearest police station within one month.”

Within one month, report to the police station nearest your home in Amman with your Jordanian landlord or landlady. You will need your passport and a rental contract. You will fill in some paperwork, and the police will stamp your passport with a visa for three months from the time you entered the country.

At the end of three months, report to the Borders and Foreigners Administration. At that point, you may request a three-month extension.  If the extension is granted, the police at the Borders and Foreigners Administration will stamp your passport with an extension of three months.  After a total of six months from the date of your first entry into Jordan you will need to exit and reenter the country in order to begin the process over again.

For Other Passport Holders:  We recommend that you obtain assistance from others who are familiar with the visa requirements in Jordan regarding your country of origin.  It may be helpful to contact the Jordanian Embassy in your country, or to contact friends in Jordan for assistance. For unofficial information you may also consult this link (or this link alternatively). Click on the drop-down list at the bottom of the page, choose you continent, and when the page reappears, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your country.

At the present time the Jordanian government is not honoring requests made through the language program for student visas.