The Kelsey Arabic Program

Producing Arabic speakers for over 50 years and counting


By signing the program application the student agrees to abide by the general principles and expectations of the language program.  A few of those are as follows:

  • 1. Students should expect to spend a total of 30-40 hours per week (including class, visiting and study) studying, listening to, and practicing the Arabic language in order to meet the basic requirements of the course. With this in mind, the student should be careful to remain free from obligations that will interfere with language work
  • 2. Each full-time student will be expected to spend at least five hours per week in Arabic conversation in order to practice and develop the Arabic that he or she is learning in class.
  • 3. All students will be expected to abide by morality standards in dress and behavior which will build up a positive reputation for themselves and the believing Christian community.
  • 4. Students will be expected to do all they can to attend every class.
  • 5. It is recommended that students attend a language and cultural acquisition program before arriving in Jordan.
  • 6. It is recommended that students bring with them a recording device.
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