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Madaba Location

Why Study in Madaba?

The city of Madaba, which hosts Palestinian Refugees and Bedouin tribes from across the Madaba plateau and Al-Karak (Biblical Moab) offers an ideal location for studying Arabic as its rural context provides visitors with a unique opportunity to observe, appreciate and understand traditional Jordanian culture.

In addition to studying Arabic, there are also several opportunities to volunteer in Madaba’s community. For more information on the Kelsey classes and accompanying volunteer opportunities in Madaba, please contact the program office.

History of Madaba program:

In September 2009, Kelsey began its first class extension in the town of Madaba (40 km south of Amman) by offering a Level 1 course to four students.  With the initiation of the Madaba branch, Kelsey is able to train both current and future non-Arabic speakers who recognize the value in and need for learning Arabic in more traditional settings of Jordan.  Kelsey-Madaba is now equipped to teach all four levels of our curriculum using trained instructors who speak a “non-city” Jordanian dialect.

Madaba Background:

Madaba’s history and current demographic mix combine to make it an ideal location for learning Arabic by those desiring to live in a more traditional Jordanian setting.  Although Madaba’s modern existence is owed in large part to settled Christian tribes from Al-Karak, the city’s strongest influences now come from the tribes of Bini Hamiada and Al-Azaida as well as Palestinian refugees located in a southern neighborhood.  The city of about 60,000 is also more conservative than the capitol region and yet its attraction as a tourist destination forces it to daily confront travelers from around the world.

Class Information:

  • The 2015 Fall semester starts August 31st and ends in December. Classes will be Monday-Thursday, 8:15-11:45. Tuition will be 700 JD.
  • The 2016 Spring semester starts January 25 and ends May 25. Classes will be Monday-Thursday, 8:15-11:45. Tuition will be 700 JD.

Admission Requirements:

  • Same as Amman branch.

Transportation from the Airport:

  • Taxi service from the airport to Madaba ranges between 20 and 30 JD.

Child Care Services:

  • The YWCA daycare center is a five minute walk away from where the Kelsey classes are held. There are also several other day-care facilities located in Madaba.


  • Housing in Madaba ranges from 120 JD (Low, for singles living with a roommate) to 350 JD (High).  Students are responsible to find their own housing.  Program officials can give recommendations.

Additional information:

For additional information about the city of Madaba, its historical sites, photos, etc please consult the any of the following links:

Also, you can watch and hear what our director has to say about the importance of our locations (Amman and Madaba) in the following 3 min video interview:

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