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Mafraq Location

Mafraq Location

Experienced, qualified teachers connected to the Kelsey Arabic Program will provide students with the opportunity to study the Spoken Arabic dialect of Jordan, learn the local culture, and serve in loving sacrifice outside of a metropolitan area. For now, the teachers are available for one-on-one and small group teaching upon request. Please contact the program office for details.

City Description

The city of Mafraq (or “intersection” in Arabic) is truly at the crossroads in the Middle East. Being Jordan’s closest populated city to Iraq and located around 5 miles (10 km) south of the Syrian border, Mafraq has historically attracted visitors from across the Middle East for business, medical, educational and religious purposes. The city is home to Christian and Muslim Bedouin families that live in peace and has become an important destination for Syrian refugees.

Why Study in Mafraq?

Mafraq offers an ideal location for volunteering as well as studying Arabic. Although Mafraq’s
local culture is slightly more conservative than that of Madaba (and certainly that of Amman) and its demographic makeup is less diverse it does host a hospitable Jordanian population that is accustomed to hosting non-Arabs. For more information please contact the program office.

Admission Requirements:

  • Same as Amman Location

Child Care Services:

  • Unfortunately the Mafraq Location cannot offer child-care at the present time


  • Housing in Mafraq ranges from 150 JD (low) to 450 JD (High). Students are responsible to find their own housing.
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