Couple in North Africa (07/12/2009)

Before coming here many told us the dialect is very different from Jordan, but people have understood us fine and after some adjustment we are used to their different sayings, although still learning many new tricks of course.

The greatest blessing from Kelsey is being comfortable in public speaking and teaching in Arabic.  We find that here foreigners seem to have either good classical but can’t be understood, or good spoken but little experience working with written Arabic texts.  We are convinced and try to convince others that Kelsey is a unique preparation for those who desire to communicate well in that regard.

We watch many people struggling to learn [Arabic], and are grateful for having had such a social, encouraging, structured program at Kelsey. – An intercultural married couple living in North Africa

John & Jane (07/12/2009)

The Kelsey Language Program gave us an excellent foundation in the Arabic language.  Not only did it enable and encourage us to speak with our Jordanian neighbors as quickly as possible, but it gave us a good foundation in Modern Standard Arabic.  We are now in our third Arabic-speaking country, which means our third Arabic dialect, and what we learned through the program has allowed us to transition between the dialects and somewhat quickly function with friends and neighbors in each new dialect.  We are grateful for the two years we spent at Kelsey and the way it prepared us for work in different countries.  –John and Jane, a couple serving in North Africa

Alison, a female student from the US (26/10/2009)

When I was in [a West African country] the best Arabic speakers were former Kelsey students.  If we needed any help in Arabic, translation, or otherwise, we would go to them.  Even the local people sometimes asked them for help in formal Arabic.

Bob (14/10/2009)

[I want to mention] the obvious strength of this program and its philosophy of teaching people spoken Arabic at a very practical level. We have seen many who have tried the “classical” route and who remain frustrated. Good spoken Arabic is the language of the heart and the key to relationships with Arabs. We have enjoyed this and been highly blessed in this aspect for 35 years, working in the Middle East.

Leaders of a company located in the Middle East (26/10/2009)

Our company has been in the Middle East fifty years, we’ve noticed many of our senior leaders who are fluent in Arabic started at Kelsey and are still going strong after years of service.  We attribute much of their success to Kelsey.  We are excited to send a new generation of workers to continue in their footsteps.