Attendance Policy (abbreviated)

One of the keys to success in the Kelsey Arabic Program (KAP) is regular attendance. Students who are absent frequently and do not learn the material adequately can disrupt the whole class. Therefore, the following is the KAP policy regarding class attendance during the regular academic year.


An absence is defined as any class period any ten minutes of which a student is not physically present, for any reason.

A Kelsey Tutor is any person whose name appears on the list of tutors approved by the Kelsey Arabic Program.

An excused absence is any absence for which a student has completed a “Class Make-Up Sheet” signed by the Director and by a Kelsey Tutor or Director of Testing.


Students will record their presence during each class and the teacher will report them to the administration.  The administration will then record them in the family time papers.  The student can then see the number of unexcused absences he/she has, and give a reason for the absences.

Opportunity will be made for students to do a make-up lesson on Saturdays for a fee of 2 JD for each twenty-minute session.  A teacher will be available, and the student will be able to make up a maximum of four class periods during that time.  Students who wish to attend these make-up lessons should register with the office by 9:30 Thursday morning and should obtain knowledge of lessons and additional work they missed by speaking with teachers and/or classmates.

Students requesting make-up lessons at other times are responsible for negotiating the cost and arranging payment for them directly with the Kelsey Tutor.  Most classes can be adequately made up by working with a tutor.  However, if a student misses a class such as Sermon, Bible Study, or Sunday School, an additional church visit can substitute.  A summary (written or oral) must be given to the Director of Testing if this option is chosen to make up a class.

“Class Make-Up Sheets” are due to the administration no more than two weeks after the missed classes, or by the last day of classes in the semester, whichever comes first.

We encourage students to come to class every day but we understand some absences are unavoidable.  Unavoidable absences are not excused unless a Make-Up Sheet is completed. For example, the following are reasons for absences:

  • The student contracts a debilitating or infectious sickness.
  • A member of the student’s family is ill and requires the student’s attention.
  • The student has suffered a personal tragedy or loss.
  • The government of Jordan requires the student’s presence elsewhere.
  • Coming to classes poses a physical danger to the student.
  • Other requirements.

A status of up to ten unexcused absences in one semester is considered satisfactory by Kelsey Arabic Program standards.  Students with ten unexcused absences or less will be eligible, along with other accomplishments, to receive a KAL certificate.

Attendance rates will be included in a student report, along with other KAL accomplishments.  Any student or a designated company representative may request a student report.

Perfect attendance recognition will only be granted to students who have been present in all class periods.

Advancement to the next semester is dependent upon evaluation from the teachers, who consider attendance as one factor among several.

Any full-time student, after twenty-five total absences in a semester (11%), will be called in to speak with the Director.  A plan for improvement will be discussed.  If improvement is not seen, the “responsible person in Amman,” as designated in the application form, may be contacted.  If attendance continues to be a problem, the director has the prerogative to dismiss the student or require repetition of the semester-level.