Living in Jordan

The costs involved in living in Jordan can vary widely depending on personal situations and choices.  The table below shows the probable costs in certain spending categories for language students living in Jordan for a period of one year (estimated in Jordanian Dinars).*  Keep in mind that the lower amounts are very low and may not be suitable for some people. For most, something in the middle is suitable.

*The Jordanian Dinar is “pegged” to the US Dollar.  This means that the exchange rate between Jordanian Dinar (JD) and the US Dollar is always the same.  1 Jordanian Dinar equals $1.41 US Dollars..

Other significant costs to account for which are highly variable according to personal circumstances:

Home furnishings; education for children (can be quite costly); telephone; mobile phone; internet access; travel, both to get to Jordan from the country of origin and also to exit Jordan for visa renewal (airline tickets, rental car, visas, airport taxes, food, accommodation); entertainment; clothing; gifts; postage; health insurance; life insurance; purchase of a vehicle (cost, insurance, registration fees, upkeep, fuel); taxes from your home country; charitable giving; savings.