Housing is the responsibility of each student or his/her group and not of the language program.

We post housing opportunities on the announcement boards at the program.  As you search for housing, you should think through your desires with respect to the following features:

  • furnished or unfurnished (what furnishings required)
  • number of rooms required
  • central heat required yes/no
  • number of bathrooms required
  • ground floor required yes/no
  • garden required yes/no
  • location near specific children’s school required yes/no
  • number of roommates requested
  • budget:  125/mo low, 250/mo medium, 700/mo high (JOD)
  • lease periods monthly/semiannual/annual

Housing runs from a low of 125 Jordanian dinars a month to as much as 700, depending on the size, location and furnishings of the house. Please note for budgeting purposes that in Jordan the tenant is usually expected to pay for each year (sometimes each six months) in advance.  In other words, you can expect to pay a lump sum of 1500 to 8000 Jordanian Dinars when you sign a contract for your new home. 

Because of the large sums of money you will need to pay early for rent and tuition, it may be advisable to carry cash with you when you arrive or transfer a large sum by bank transfer.  For those who intend to make use of ATM machines in Jordan, it is advisable to communicate with the home bank, especially those coming from European Union countries. A few banks permit up to 500 JOD a day in ATM withdrawals. However, the great majority only allow up to 250 JOD on a given day. Transaction fees range from 3 to 5 JOD (not including home bank fees).