Tuition Fees and Refund Policy

Non-refundable non-transferable
Pre-registration Fee (per semester)
100 JOD
Tuition, full time 1st or 2nd semester: 950 JOD
Tuition, full time 3rd or 4th semester: 900 JOD
Tuition, Summer Program (optional) 300 JOD
Tuition, part time (subject to approval of the director): 90 JOD per credit hour
Books and CDs: According to price list.  Students will pay between 20 and 30 JOD each semester
Tuition, part-time group: Varies, consult program office for more information

New student applications and Pre-registration payments of 100 JD are due in the program office approximately ten to fourteen days prior to Registration Days.  Students who miss this deadline will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis until classes are full or closed. New and returning students who meet the deadline will qualify for a 50 JD tuition discount. Please, take note of the deadlines on the Dates and Times page. Payment of the deposit can be made in cash or credit card.

Tuition fees in their entirety will be collected in the program office between 8.15 am and 1.00 pm on Registration Days.  Students who pay any portion of the tuition after Registration Days must pay a 30 Jordanian Dinars late fee.  For tuition fees we accept Mastercard, Visa or Jordanian Dinars in cash.  ATM machines are also plentiful and work with foreign bank cards, but usually have a limited amount for withdrawals. Tuition and book fees are subject to change without notice.

Credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard) are subject to a 2.3% surcharge fee and are processed on our premises only.

Refunds (Full-time program only)

A refund of half the tuition is possible ONLY for students who have family or medical emergencies that require their departure out of the country within the first fifteen calendar days of the semester.  Students who desire a refund should request it in writing from the program office within five calendar days of the student’s last day of attendance.

Alternatively, any student who must depart may request to return to the same level of study the following semester at a discounted rate. Students who, on their own initiative, or that of the direction of the program, repeat a semester, will be able to do so for a 20% discounted rate.