Have you considered teaching experience?

With so many Arabic schools in Amman, how can you decide where to study? Looking at the options you might notice that some schools want you to focus on their facilities, saying that your personal comfort will definitely impact your ability to learn Arabic. But you want to learn a language, right? So are cushy chairs, new white boards, bay windows and a panoramic view of the city really going to determine your success?

How about teaching experience? How many schools in the area employ teachers who have plenty of real experience teaching foreigners in the classroom? How many schools in the area even mention this important factor on their websites?

We here at KAP employ the most seasoned, experienced and excellent Arabic teachers in the whole region. The 12 teachers on our staff together have more 150 years of teaching experience! These talented men and women are together one of the major keys to the success of this program through the decades we been here in Jordan, and they will be one of the major keys to your success in learning Arabic if you join us here at KAP.